Welcome to Nor Luyce!


Nor Luyce is a 3-phase mentoring program; the Mentoring phase, Skill-Building phase, and Higher Education phase. Each phase lasts one year and is made up of girls that have completed the previous phase. In Armenian, Nor Luyce literally means “new light,” but has connotations of a new beginning. We believe this is an appropriate name for an organization that is dedicated to improving the future of teenage girls.

Nor Luyce’s Mission is to provide teenage girls from orphanages and low income families with a one-on-one mentoring relationship, presenting an opportunity to have a role model and to learn more from their mentors. Along with their mentoring relationship the girls have an opportunity to participate in different skill building trainings to create career plans, be compatible with their peers and be able to live self-sufficiently. READ MORE 

Goal of Nor Luyce:

To give girls the means to become self-sufficient, healthy, globally aware young women, who have set personal and career goals and who have created an action plan of how to achieve them. Our program was developed to improve self-esteem, self-reliance, and a sense of community and then build on these skills and potential.


Nor Luyce not only strives to build strong connections between mentors and mentees, but also works to build a community of strong, thoughtful, creative young women who are the future of Armenia. We encourage our participants to work hard and dream big, by arranging one-on-one mentoring meetings as well as group gatherings and skill building trainings where the girls learn through non-formal, hands-on education and have fun! READ MORE 


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