Nor Luyce

Three phase mentoring program empowering young girls in Armenia to lead self-sufficient lives.

the Program

Mentor Phase

Skill-Building Phase

Higher Education Phase

Alumni Group

"THis program has provided me with a family who encourages and empowers me to be the person I want to be."


Mentor Phase

The first phase of the program that creates an awareness of the challenges that are faced within the lives of the mentees at this age, 13-15 years of age. The mentees focus on their current self-esteem, self-care, and emotional stability for future growth.

Skill-building phase

The second phase of the program that engages the mentees in the community through volunteerism. Cross-cultural awareness is developed throughout this stage by involving the girls in exploring different worldviews.

Higher Education phase

The third phase of the program provides higher education opportunities through scholarships. Mentees are prepared financial independence within the university for success in their future career.