At Nor Luyce, we are constantly encouraging and supporting our talented students. This week, the artist mentors and mentees of Nor Luyce presented a beautiful exhibition of their paintings which consisted of fascinating subject matter, wonderful color combinations, and unique expressions of emotion.

From a Dream to a Goal

“A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.” โ€”Harvey MacKay The last group meeting of our Mentoring Phase was titled, “From a Dream to a Goal” and focused on each mentoring pair discussing their dreams together and creating a plan to achieve them.

Gyumri State Regional College

The next stop in our informational meeting program was a visit to the Gyumri State Regional College, where our mentees familiarized themselves with the college’s programs of study, departments and, of course, the admission procedure. To the dear team at Gyumri State Regional College, thank you for the productive time together and for giving us …

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Gyumri Craftsman State Vocational Collage N4

Nor Luyce mentees who are in the application process continue to attend various informational meetings at educational institutions. As part of another recent visit, we were warmly welcomed by the staff at Gyumri Craftsman State Vocational Collage N4. Our mentees toured all the departments and were introduced to the programs, opportunities, and admission procedure of …

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Skill-Building Phase

At their last meeting, our Skill-Building Phase mentees again improved their ability to solve a variety of problems through systematic approaches. Now, they have a wealth of knowledge and methods to solve complex problems in a systematic manner.

Career Planning Group: A professional and competitive CV

The Career Planning Group mentees continue improving their skills and gaining new ones. Today our mentees studied the difference between CV, resume and cover letter, how to write and present them. Soon our girls will have their professional CVs and resumes..

KASA Gyumri

The mentees in our Career Planning Group recently had the chance to visit the KASA Gyumri Training Centre and learned about the different activities of the organization and its scholarship program. To the wonderful team at KASA and our dear Angela Gevorgyan, we thank you very much for welcoming us so warmly, for your kindness, …

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