Overal wide meeting: First Aid

The mentees of the Skills Building and Mentoring Phases together with Dr. Anna Shaboyan discovered the rules of first aid. As always, the meeting was one of the most interesting meetings, the mentees had many questions, which were answered exhaustively with simple examples and explanations.

Skill-Building Phase

For Nor Luyce NGO, not only the process of teaching and developing mentees is important, but also providing interesting and useful entertainment. This week the mentees of the Skill-Building Phase were encouraged by an interesting and different meeting. They made pizza together and then played the Mafia game. But this was only a part of …

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Overall Group Meeting: Personal Hygiene

Nor Luyce NGO volunteer Anna Shaboyan continues her interesting and educating meetings.Today’s meeting was about Personal hygiene. During adolescence it is very important for the girls to learn about their physiological characteristics, hygiene rules and how to take care of one’s own health.

St. Sarkis

On February 12, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrated the feast of St. Sarkis, the intercessor of youth and love.As every year, once again Nor Luyce participated in this holiday event. On the eve of the Saintโ€™s Day we made traditional salt cookies together and on the same day we hosted Father Pavstos Sargsyan, who explained …

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The Best Mentee-mentor Pair

Nor Luyce NGO constantly appreciates the work done by its mentors and mentees. And so, the top three mentor-mentee pairs in the first quarter of the 2020-2021 program year are already known.ย The third place: Nyura Muradyan and Anjela.The second place: Susanna Zhamaryan and Alvard.The first place: Nadezhda Nersisyan and Piruza.Dear mentees and mentors, congratulations on …

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Mentor Training: How To Work With Traumatized Kids

Yesterday we had a zoom training for Nor Luyce mentors on “How to work with traumatized kids”. The training was conducted by the Executive Director, therapist Shoghik Mikayelyan. During the training the psychological and emotional state of traumatized children, the behavior they exhibit and the approaches to help them to overcome the trauma were discussed.

Key To My Success: Nikolay Tsaturyan

January 28 was an important day at Nor Luyce. We have hosted Armenian National Artist, professor Nikolay Tsaturyan. This meeting was essential because it provided us with an opportunity to listen to a wonderful person who has interesting life experience full of success, fights, and challenges.”Arm yourself with knowledge and a powerful will that will …

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