Career Planning Group: A professional and competitive CV

The Career Planning Group mentees continue improving their skills and gaining new ones. Today our mentees studied the difference between CV, resume and cover letter, how to write and present them. Soon our girls will have their professional CVs and resumes..

KASA Gyumri

The mentees in our Career Planning Group recently had the chance to visit the KASA Gyumri Training Centre and learned about the different activities of the organization and its scholarship program. To the wonderful team at KASA and our dear Angela Gevorgyan, we thank you very much for welcoming us so warmly, for your kindness, …

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Just For Fun

The Nor Luyce community always has a great time when they are together. We dedicated our most recent meeting to watching the animated movie, Monsters University.

Career Planning Phase

Our choice of profession is the most important and consequential decision of our life so at times we need to make use of various resources and tools for self-discovery. One of our regular meetings with the mentees of the Career Planning Phase helped them to figure out what profession to choose and the significance of …

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Skill-Building Phase

In order to be successful and happy in the modern world, we must be able to use our emotional intelligence skills at the highest level. This week, students of our Skill-Building Phase practiced balancing their emotional experience with rationality, which results in much more success in life.

Mentor Training

What not many people know is that non-verbal communication gestures, or body language, actually play the biggest role in communication. If you are able to accurately assess the meanings of different gestures and postures, you can learn more information about the other person than they intentionally will give you about themselves. Thanks to this training, …

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Program-Wide Group Meeting: Learning how to learn

At our program-wide group meetings, we discussed the topic of “Learning how to learn.” Our mentees learned effective and interesting methods to improve their educational process. The meeting was conducted by Arpi Hambaryan, who is responsible for social media and evaluation at Nor Luyce NGO.