Skill-Building Phase: Memory

Today the Skill -Building Phase mentees discussed the topic “Memory”. During the meeting our mentees had the chance to reveal their memory level through various exercises. The meeting also provided the mentees with an opportunity to train their memory.

Skill-Building phase: Willpower

We always look for the secret of success or happiness outside of ourselves. We do so because it is easythat way, however, in real life all the secrets are in ourselves. And the key to that secret is the willpower.This week the mentees of the Skills-Building Phase, studied the topic โ€˜Willpowerโ€™. The meeting allowed mentees …

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Surprise Meeting

Nor Luyce continues to encourage and inspire all of itโ€™s incredible mentees. This month, fifteen of our current mentees had a surprise meeting, with a series of fun games and tasks.

Mentoring Phase

Weak people wait for favorable cases – strong create them. Maxim Gorky It is good when each person is aware of his weaknesses and works towards overcoming them. The mentors and mentees of the Mentoring Phase revealed their strengths and weaknesses through various enjoyable and fun games and tasks.


We recently started a debate club here at Nor Luyce. The club will meet for four months and will host a series of debates on interesting topics. During the first meeting, club participants got acquainted with the basics of debate in detail.


On October 31 in a number of countries Halloween is being celebrated. We have also decided to be a part of it and we filled our day with autumn colors, and with interesting and fun activities while celebrating Halloween.

Mentoring Phase: Who I Am

The program year’s most exciting and long-awaited meeting took place at Nor Luyce NGO. With the mentor-mentee pairs formed, the first meeting gave them the opportunity to get to know each other better and come up with expectations for the coming year together.

Mentor Training: Social Skills

The volunteers of Nor Luyce NGO are continuing to gain new knowledge. A volunteer from “Birthright Armenia”, with a background in psychology, Karine Codilian presented the topic “Social skills” to our mentors.