Pre-mentoring Training

The pre-mentoring training is actively going on. During the meeting the mentors discussed with the group all the steps that take to either good or bad mentoring relationship, and what they need to do or not do as a mentor to have a successful mentoring relationship.

Pre-mentoring Trining

The mentoring training still continues in Nor Luyce. Communication skills are important in everyone’s life. Do our volunteer have the communication skills? This is what we are revealing together through games, psychological tests and team work.

Mentoring Phase

The first meeting of mentees was held in a very warm environment. It helped teenagers to get know each other. The meeting was the basis for a nice friendship. During the first group meeting, the mentors got aquainted with the mentees.

Pre-mentoring Trining

Our new volunteers continue gaining new knowledge and necessary skills. The meeting helped them to clearly distinguish the phases of mentoring relationships.

Pre-mentoring Training

In our initial volunteer training, we discussed how to differentiate between mentoring and parenting responsibilities. During our meeting, we had active discussions and exchanges of ideas as well as some interesting games.

Pre-mentoring Training

In the Mentoring phase, the pre-mentoring workshops for the new volunteers continue. Our novice mentors had the opportunity to reveal the need for a teenager to have a mentor.

Pre-mentoring Training

At Nor Luyce, the preliminary training of volunteers for the Mentoring Phase of the 2023-2024 program year has already started. The main purpose of the introductory meeting was to familiarize our future mentors with the mission, perspective, and goals of Nor Luyce.

Graduation Ceremony

On July 15, Nor Luyce’s graduates ceremoniously received certificates denoting their full participation in and completion of the three stages of Nor Luyce. To our dear graduates, congratulations on this important achievement. During all these years you have been with us, you all have made Nor Luyce more colorful and sunny with your brightness. We …

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Career Planning Group

The 2022-2023 program year has also ended for mentees in the Career Planning Group. Thanks to this 6-month program, our mentees designed their career path step-by-step, learned the most vital and important skills needed in the work and study process, and presented their chosen profession and the final result in the “My Career Path” booklets. …

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