Mentoring Group Meeting: Fear, overcoming our fear

The goal of each Mentoring group meeting is to stabilize their mentoring relationship and help them to learn more about each other. The meeting about Fears allowed the participants not only to reveal their fears but also share their methods of overcoming those fears.

Skill-Building Phase: Leadership

A leader can lead the thousands behind him. The mentees in the Skill-Building Phase explored the theme of “Leadership” through a variety of games and activities.

Debate Club:”Do gender stereotypes in Armenia hinder the empowerment of women and girls?”

The competition in our Debate Club is heating up. At our most recent debate round on February 4th, the motion was: “Do gender stereotypes in Armenia hinder the empowerment of women and girls?” At the end of the debate, the Affirmative side was declared the winning team. One crucial final round is left and both …

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St. Sarkis

On February 4th, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrated the feast of St. Sarkis the Commander, the patron saint of youth and intercessor for love. On the holiday, we made the customary salty cookies in the morning. Afterwards, we were visited by a priest, Father Yeznik Galstyan, who gave a presentation on the sacramental meaning and …

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Personal Hygiene

This week group meeting for the mentoring phase mentees was dedicated to personal hygiene. This important topic was presented by Doctor Anna Shaboyan who has been a dedicated volunteer at Nor Luyce. The meeting was full of questions that were all answered.

Joachim de Posada’s “Don’t eat the Marshmallowโ€ฆyet!”

The volunteers and mentees of Nor Luyce got the chance to test if they whether or not they are “Marshmallow eaters.” Yes, you read that right! We had a discussion of Joachim de Posada’s book “Don’t eat the Marshmallow…yet!”, led by Shahane Beglaryan, a specialist at the Professional Orientation and Capacity Development Center. To our …

Joachim de Posada’s “Don’t eat the Marshmallowโ€ฆyet!” Read More »

Skill-Building Phase: Analytical Mindset

The development of analytical thinking starts by evaluating the simplest strategy to address a problem. Mentees in the Skill-Building Phase continue their “Skills of the Future” series with a special focus this time on the “Analytical Mindset.”

Mentor training: Graphology

Do you know that a person’s handwriting can tell you a lot about their personality? Nor Luyce volunteers have learned the nuances of the art of handwriting analysis during a training session dedicated to the topic of Graphology.

Mentoring group Meeting

This time the mentees of the Mentoring Phase have dived into the world of emotions. First, they learned about different emotions, shared their experiences with hard- controlled emotions and gained new skills that would allow them to control their emotions in the future.