In late 2009, Ara and his father, Richard Chackerian, visited Armenia where their family immigrated from. During that trip, the father and son were introduced to an orphanage, which was full of potential but lacking in resources. After visiting the center, Ara and Richard determined there was an unfulfilled need for mentoring with the local orphans. Upon their return, the Chackerians developed a business plan to solve the lack of accessibility in support systems, as well as educational resources for orphans. It was this trip the was the catalyst for finding Nor Luyce (New Light).

Nor Luyce, a mentoring program, was created to assist young women on their transition from being an orphan to a self-supporting adult. The organization has had a remarkable track record of success and continues to help transition adolescent females into constructive members of the community. Ara sits on the organization’s Board and has been the primary funding source for the program since its inception.