International Day of Mentoring

January 17th is the International Day of Mentoring, and as the only mentoring organization operating in Gyumri, we at Nor Luyce couldn’t miss celebrating such a fitting holiday. Our mentors and mentees celebrated with a tip for the day, some discussion, and playing engaging games.

Nor Luyce NGO and Birthright Armenia Foundation

On January Nor Luyce NGO office was full of visitors. The volunteers of Birthright Armenia Foundation were hosted at the center. The goal of the meeting was to learn about the mission and vision of the first and only mentoring organization in Armenia. The Executive director and cofounder of Nor Luyce NGO: Shoghik Mikayelyan, presented …

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Debate: Do women and men have equal involvement in the public administration field in the Republic of Armenia?

We kicked off 2023 in Nor Luyce with a debate on the question of, “Do women and men have equal involvement in the public administration field in the Republic of Armenia?” After a heated discussion, the members of the jury declared the “Negative” team as the winner. The next meeting of the Debate Club will …

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Skill-Building Phase: Creativity

The mentees within the Skill-Building Phase discussed the topic of “Creativity” this week. Our girl’s discovered their creative abilities through various games and exercises, to which we helped them expand upon and enhance these skills.

Key to My Success

Our β€œThe Key to My Success” series continues with an increasingly wide array of distinguished guests from various professions. What could be a better end to the week than a meeting and enriching conversation with a special guest? Our recent long-awaited guest was the esteemed journalist and presenter Artak Vardanyan. Despite being quite young, Artak …

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How to Present Yourself and Influence People

We continue to host our general group meetings and recently had an enlightening and interactive meeting that taught the mentees how to make a presentation, as well as improved their public speaking and communication skills.

Career Planning

Choosing a profession is one of the most crucial and formational steps in one’s life. On their path of choosing, our mentees from the Higher Education and Graduate phases met with career guidance specialist Shahane Beglaryan. During the meeting, they discussed the differences between professions and specializations, as well as vital skills for career readiness. …

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Program-Wide Group Meetings: Healthy Lifestyle

At the end of the week, the mentees of the Mentoring Phase participated in the overall group meeting about healthy living. The topic was presented by Doctor Anna Shaboyan. She presented the importance of the healthy lifestyle. Our mentees received all the answers to their questions. They also gained important knowledge regarding healthy lifestyle.

Skill-Building Phase: Memory

Today the Skill -Building Phase mentees discussed the topic “Memory”. During the meeting our mentees had the chance to reveal their memory level through various exercises. The meeting also provided the mentees with an opportunity to train their memory.

Skill-Building phase: Willpower

We always look for the secret of success or happiness outside of ourselves. We do so because it is easythat way, however, in real life all the secrets are in ourselves. And the key to that secret is the willpower.This week the mentees of the Skills-Building Phase, studied the topic β€˜Willpower’. The meeting allowed mentees …

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