Pre-mentoring training: Communication skills

Another topic of our initial volunteer training was “Communication Skills” as communication has an important role in everyone’s life. The aim of the course was to find out how our mentors communicate best and if they are proficient in all types of communication. We discovered these things together mostly through interesting and interactive games.

Pre-mentoring training: Mentoring vs Parenting

In our initial volunteer training, we discussed how to differentiate between mentoring and parenting responsibilities. During our meeting, we had active discussions and exchanges of ideas as well as some interesting games.

Art Therapy: Rojeh Seryiane day 2

Our series of colorful meetings continues at Nor Luyce, with our volunteers painting their past, present, and future for our most recent meeting. During the workshop, our instructor Rogej Seryiane analyzed and gave insight to each picture presented. In the process, he provided some interesting tips and tricks about art therapy that our mentors can …

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Computer classes. MS Word & MS PPT

“Nor Luyce” Mentoring Center for Youth organized and held a 5-days computer classes for Mentoring Phase mentees. During five days, the mentees gained fundamental knowledge from Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation programs,…

Success in my hands

Today’s overall group meeting was dedicated to success. During the active discussion mentees expressed their opinions regarding the success. They learnt about the stories of several famous people who had a certain kind of disabilities, but this fact did not hinder them from gaining success. With the help of aspiring activities the mentees found out …

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Mentor and mentee presented PowerPoint presentation

Mentor and mentee Lida and Roza presented their PowerPoint presentation about a famous actor Jonny Depp. Roza spoke about the life of the actor, about his professional path and role starred by him, that have brought him success.

Our New Year started in Nor Luyce

Our New Year started in Nor Luyce with a Scholarship Phase meeting. In the meeting, mentees summarized  2015 and took a Microsoft Word exam. Working individually, they did several exercises and then discussed any mistakes and received any answers to questions they had regarding MS Word.

Overcoming Fears of Mentees and Mentors

On January 17th, 2015 a mentoring meeting was held in Nor Luyce. It was dedicated to the overcoming fears. During the meeting fears of participants were discovered through several games. Then mentors and mentees wrote down their fears and locked them away, then developed a strategy of how to overcome them.

PowerPoint presentation skills

The skill building phase mentees summarized their working knowledge of PowerPoint. Then they learnt best practices on how to present their work to an audience. During the meeting, mentees changed the mistakes they found in their PowerPoint presentations and received the answers to any remaining questions about Power Point.