Program Phases

Global giving

We succeed in 2015 in the cooperation with GlobalGiving.In 2017 Luyce NGO has strengthened that cooperation with GlobalGiving. New Luyce NGO was recognized as the best partner by GlobalGiving in…

Overall group meeting: Hygiene

All of us know how important to take care of our own hygiene. One of the best and faithful volunteers of Nor Luyce: Anna Shaboyan, taught our mentees how to take care of hygiene through sharing a lot of information.

Pre-mentoring training: Teamwork

Pre-mentoring training brings our volunteers one step closer to the goal of becoming a mentor. This time they had the opportunity to learn more about their colleagues through teamwork, as well as recognizing their own abilities to work as a team. This meeting was one of the most active, spiced with humor and positive energy. …

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Pre-mentoring training: β€˜One step Ahead”

The preliminary training of volunteers continues. During the meeting entitled β€œOne Step Ahead”, our volunteers had the opportunity to become β€œdifferent” people in a short period of time, with a different past and way of life. The goal was to feel the feelings and emotions of others and realize the stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes in …

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Skill Building Phase: Teamwork

β€œTeamwork achieves results” was the motto of the next meeting for our mentees in the Skill-Building phase. During the training, with the help of Alina Martirosyan (the person in charge of group meetings), the mentees discovered the secrets of teamwork and were able to apply this knowledge in practice by building high-strength paper towers. MISSING …

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Pre-mentoring Training: Who I am, my roles

A solid foundation guarantees good work. The initial mentor trainings of the 2020-2021 program year have already started at β€œNor Luyce” NGO. During the first meeting, our future mentors got acquainted with the program and activities of Nor Luyce. Our meeting was filled with active, fun, introductory games and interesting discussions.

Art therapy: Rojeh Seryiane

On August 10, another meeting about Art Therapy took place. The participants learned other exercises which they will be able to use in real life situations.

Art Therapy: Roger Seryani

Before going to holidays, Nor Luyce team has decided to arm its volunteers with several more skills. We are learning the secrets of Art Therapy with the help of Birthright Armenia volunteer Roger Seryani. The first meeting was different than our usual meetings in terms of presentation and types of exercises, but we felt its …

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