Nor Luyce NGO

World Kindness Day 2021

Nor Luyce NGO is the only organization presenting Armenia in the book World Kindness Day 2021. The book is published by the UNESCO and will soon be in Armenia.

Mentoring Phase: My strong and weak characteristcs

Weak people wait for favorable cases – strong create them. Maxim GorkyIt is good when each person is aware of his weaknesses and works towards overcoming them.The mentors and mentees of the Mentoring Phase revealed their strengths and weaknessesthrough various enjoyable and fun games and tasks.

Key To My Succes: Aram MP3

A very important meeting was realized at Nor Luyce. The mentees of the Higher Education Phase met the beloved singer, showman, and actor Aram MP3. Our girls had a lot of questions addressed to their beloved guest which were all fully answered. They also received a number of important tips and ideas on how to …

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The Alumi Group: Lie And Manipulation

The liar will lie even if there is no need, it is just a habit. SenecaThe Alumi explored the topic ”Lie and manipulation” with the help of Interns Meri Nikoyan and Fenya Antonyan. They also discussed the psychological issues and reasons that effect people to lie or manipulate with others.

Mentor Training: Metacognition

The ongoing trainings at Nor Luyce have been launched. During the first meeting, the social media and project evaluation coordinator Arpi Hambaryan presented metacognition to our mentors. At the end of the training the participants gained various tools to make the learning process interesting and productive for their mentees.

Skill-Building Phase:PPT

The day was very important for the Skill-Building Phase mentees. Today our mentees gave presentations on their favorite topics which allowed them to utilize all the skills they gained at Nor Luyce so far.

Tamara Gevorgyan and Nor Luyce

The week for Nor Luyce mentees and staff had a beautiful start. It was such a pleasure to be invited to a performance by our beloved actress Tamara Gevorgyan. Dear Tamara, congratulate on a great performance. Once again we express our deepest gratitude for the invitation and for beautiful moments.

Skill-Building Phase: PPT

Today the mentees of the Skill-Building Phase learnt about the technical aspect of making PPTs. During the next week the mentees will practice their knowledge..