Skill-Building Phase

The mentees in the Skill-Building phase gain a new skill each week. During the last meeting, various practical and theoretical tasks helped them to understand the importance of working in a team.

Mentoring Phase

It was a long waited meeting both for the mentors and mentees of Nor Luyce NGO: finally these two groups had the chance to meet each other. The joyful and nice atmosphere of the first meeting helped them to get acquainted and learn about each other. During the next meeting, they will make a responsible …

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Mentor Training

In Nor Luyce NGO the 2022-2023 program year started with the pre-mentoring workshop for new volunteers, which began with discussions of values โ€‹โ€‹and expectations.

Skill-Building Phase: Communication skills

Effective communication is one of the most important basic life skills that everyone should have. The new mentees in the Skill-Building phase started the program by focusing on developing their communication skills.

Skill-Building Phase

The mentees of the Skill-Building Phase had an interesting and fun time in Matenadaran and in Gourmet-Dourme chocolate museum in Ashtarak.

The Fight Against Bullying

At the invitation of Gyumri Shogh Day Center, the executive director of Nor Luyce, psychotherapist Shogher Mikaelyan, conducted an awareness-raising course on โ€˜The Fight Against Bullyingโ€™ with school-age children. Participants on the training learnt about the causes of bullying, the psychological problems that arise as a result of it and they also received tips and …

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Skill-Building Phase: Career Guidance

Today, the Skill-Building Phase mentees received answers to all their questions on career guidance. Through interesting exercises, the girls were able to identify possible obstacles in their career paths and ways to overcome them. The meeting was as special as usual, with dissenting discussions and active thematic games.

Financial Awareness

Nor Luyce mentees continue to gain a wide variety of skills and knowledge. From June 8th to 10th, a 3 day โ€˜Financial Awarenessโ€™ course took place at the Gyumri Youth Palace. This event took place as a part of the Financial Syste Officeโ€™s โ€˜Consumer Financial Awarenessโ€™ program. During the three days our mentees amongst many …

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Fun Meeting

Nor Luyce NGO held an entertaining meeting which was attended by active mentees across all three phases. The meeting as always was full of interesting and fun games.