Skill-Building Phase: From character to a profession

The first meeting of 2022 was for the Skill-Building Phase mentees of Nor Luyce. During the meeting on the topic “From character to a profession”, the mentees had an opportunity to reveal their strengths and weaknesses. The goal of the meeting was to support the mentees in slowly making their career choice.

Meeting With Volunteer

In the Mentoring phase, along with the active individual meetings, a meeting with volunteer mentors was realized. During the meeting, the mentors raised their concerns connected with the individual meetings, received comprehensive answers, and tips for conducting effective work.

Skill-Building Phase: Memory

Today the Skill -Building Phase mentees discussed the topic “Memory”. During the meeting our mentees had the chance to reveal their memory level through various exercises. The meeting also provided the mentees with an opportunity to train their memory.

Mentor Training: Regulating mechanisms of parent-child relationships

The Shirak State University practicum students continue their trainings. During the last meeting, Arpi Harutyunyan presented the regulatory mechanism of the parent-child relationship. During the training, the participants discussed all the possible solutions that can regulate the conflicts and misunderstandings between children and parents.

Mentor Training: OSD

The Shirak State University practicum student Fenya Antonyan presented obsessive compulsory disorder for the volunteers of Nor Luyce NGO. During the meeting, the participants learned about the disorder, its signs and with a help of a test, they revealed whether they are at risk of having OCD.