Art therapy: Rojeh Seryiane

On August 10, another meeting about Art Therapy took place. The participants learned other exercises which they will be able to use in real life situations.

Art Therapy: Rojeh Seryiane day 2

Our series of colorful meetings continues at Nor Luyce, with our volunteers painting their past, present, and future for our most recent meeting. During the workshop, our instructor Rogej Seryiane analyzed and gave insight to each picture presented. In the process, he provided some interesting tips and tricks about art therapy that our mentors can …

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Art Therapy: Roger Seryani

Before going to holidays, Nor Luyce team has decided to arm its volunteers with several more skills. We are learning the secrets of Art Therapy with the help of Birthright Armenia volunteer Roger Seryani. The first meeting was different than our usual meetings in terms of presentation and types of exercises, but we felt its …

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Melina Sardar: Stress Management

Mentees at Nor Luyce spent Thursday evening with American-Armenian life coach Melina Sardar. The topic of the meeting was extremely relevant to the current times, as we talked about stress , its different types, and the best ways to acknowledge our stress and cope with it.

Closing Ceremony 2019-2020

Another program year at Nor Luyce NGO is nearing its end. We finished the year with a look at the results of the mentoring phases begun 11 months ago. The mentors were awarded with certificates for their good work and dedication.While two of the mentors were granted with certificates of excellency. We also recognized and …

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UN & Nor Luyce NGO

Did you know that the Nor Luyce NGO is  years old?One of the best gifts of the decade is that our organization has been granted a special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) by the United Nations Headquarter.  Now, what does this mean for us?This means Nor Luyce will not only have two …

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Shahen Araboglian: UN

Shahen Araboghlian again joined us at Nor Luyce for an interesting and very informative online meeting. In connection with the latest news from our NGO, we all had the opportunity to learn more about the UN and their mission, history, and goals. Birthright Armenia

Melina Sardar

At one of our most anticipated online meeting at Nor Luyce, we again had life coach Melina Sardar as our guest speaker. This time we discussed the tasks assigned at the previous meeting, talked about our anxieties and different circumstances that hold us back at crucial moments, and got some tips and tricks on how …

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Skill-Building Phase: Our future steps

The mentees of the Skill-Building Phase have now completed the career-planning stage. They just had their final meeting, entitled β€œOur Next Steps.” During the meeting, the mentees learned the secrets of entering the competitive job market, employment contracts, and…

Mentoring phase: Presentations by our mentees

The meetings for the mentees in the Mentoring Phase have now finished. The last five mentees, Elena, Emma, Gohar, Nvard, and Siranush, gave their presentations on their selected topics. With them, we managed to β€œtravel” to Egypt, get acquainted with the tastes of the…