UN & Nor Luyce NGO

Did you know that the Nor Luyce NGO is 1??0?? years old?
One of the best gifts of the decade is that our organization has been granted a special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) by the United Nations Headquarter.

? Now, what does this mean for us?
This means Nor Luyce will not only have two representatives at UN, New York, but we will also be able to take part in different events, submit written and oral statements before sittings, and meet with the official delegations of the government and other representatives. And this achievement is not limited to all this; Nor Luyce NGO can also organize and participate in events, debates, interactive dialogues, panel discussions, and informal meetings that take place during the sessions.

?This is one of the greatest achievements not only of our organization, but also of Gyumri. Through this, one more vote has been added to the UN, which will speak for and raise the interests of Armenia, in particular Gyumri, and make it more recognizable on international platforms.

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