Learning How to Debate

Yesterday (Feb. 23,2014) our mentees participated in a large group meeting about Debate. Girls from all three phases gathered together to learn debating rules and principles and then took part in a large group debate. They debated the question: β€œAre we creators of our life or is everything presented to us by God?”. Karapet Mkrtchyan, a Gyumri native, who works as a scientist in Italy, also joined the meeting. Karapet provided the mentees with a lot of information and helped the girls form stronger arguements by using facts.

In other news, one of our Phase 3 mentees, Arpine, won 2nd place in the Adult Women Weightlifting Championship of Armenia over the weekend. Go Arpine! Her next competition is in April where she hopes to get 1st prize! Keep up the hard work Arpine! Congratulations!

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