Mentoring Phase

Phase One: Mentoring Phase

Phase one seeks to connect mentees, aged 14-15, with mentors with the goal of supporting their dreams and helping them through problems relevant to their life and teenage years. The phase begins every September with a new group of mentors and mentees and lasts approximately ten months. The phase begins with locating and training mentors, starting in April, 3 months before our program begins.

Goal 1: In Phase 1, participants will develop a better informed sense of self and emotional stability.

Objective 1.1: After 10 months participants will have completed at least 24 individual meeting documents about such topics as their personality, goals, potential mentor-mentee activities, etc. with their mentors in order to have a written responsibility to fulfill a task or activity, noted by the Nor Luyce Individual Meetings Coordinator.

Objective 1.2: By the end of phase 1, all mentees will have participated in at least 10 group meetings held by Nor Luyce around such topics as fears, stress, dealing with conflicts, etc., measured by questions asked in immediate group meeting evaluation forms as well as 3-month evaluation forms completed by participants as well as our participation monitoring form completed by Nor Luyce’s M&E staff member.

Objective 1.3: All mentees will have completed at least 30 individual meetings with their mentor focused on improving personal characteristics of mentees, with changes measured through 3-month and final evaluation forms to be completed by mentors by the end of Phase 1.

Objective 1.4: By the end of Phase 1, all mentees will have created a SWOT analysis of themselves, with the help of Nor Luyce staff, in order for them to understand themselves better in terms of their opportunities and fears of their future and current state, to be collected and evaluated by Nor Luyce’s M&E Staff member.

2016 group photo of our mentees and mentors

2016 group photo of our mentees and mentors

Goal 2: In Phase 1, participants will increase their sense of volunteerism and understanding of democracy and global events through service activities and group meetings.

Objective 2.1: All mentees must take part in at least one volunteer service activity in the community such as local clean-ups, library organization, preparing events, etc. alongside their mentor in order to improve their relationship and increase their experience in community activism by the end of Phase 1.

Objective 2.3: All mentees will take part in at least 10 group meetings run by the Group Meetings Coordinator in order to gain a global perspective, with topics such as human rights, governmental systems, etc. by the end of Phase 1.

Objective 2.4: 100% of participants will take part in at least one cultural event such as International Women’s Day, International Human Rights Day, etc. facilitated by Nor Luyce by the end of Phase 1 in order to broaden their understanding about global issues and/or democracy.

Mentees volunteering at our local library with their mentors.

Goal 3: During Phase 1, all participants will improve their academic skills and further develop their career aspirations.

Objective 3.1: 75% of mentees will see a 10% increase in their school grades through tutoring services which are offered at Nor Luyce, resources and opportunities for outside academic tutoring services, along with support from their mentors and Nor Luyce staff.

Objective 3.2: At least 75% of mentees (of those mentees who do not already have perfect attendance/participation levels) will improve their participation levels by at least 10 % and attendance by at least 17% at school and Nor Luyce meetings as measured by their attendance/tardiness record  and participation forms collected from their teachers and during Nor Luyce Group Meetings.

Objective 3.3: At least 75% of mentees will shadow a professional associated with their desired career at a local job site with the help of their mentor or Nor Luyce staff, as monitored by Nor Luyce’s individual meetings coordinator.

Objective 3.4: All participants will complete a life map, created with the help of their mentor and Nor Luyce staff, outlining their desired career path, available resources, and at least 10 actionable steps to achieve their career aspiration by the end of Phase 1.

Objective 3.5: Each mentor-mentee pair will be responsible for collaboratively organizing and creating a PowerPoint presentation during one of the monthly group meetings, as evaluated by Nor Luyce’s M&E staff member, on a topic of their choosing, researched online as a means of improving their research and presentation skills, which are necessary to achieve high marks academically, by the end of phase 1.

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