Mentor Trainings

Mentor Trainings

Mentors at Nor Luyce, volunteer their time for about 10 hours a month for ten months, from September to June. Their responsibility is to individually meet with the mentee once a week and help develop their mentee emotionally and professionally during their one year commitment. The mentors will be rewarded with letters of rec from the executive director as well as practical experience and trainings they can use in their careers.

In order to become a mentor, candidates must:

  • Be in her second year of study in the university.
  • Have done at least one volunteer work
  • Be active and responsible person
  • Be punctual and attentive
  • Be open-minded
  • Be strong enough to overcome different challenges
  • Have strong listening skills
  • Be willing to have fun.

Goal 1: Each mentor will develop professional skills and mentoring skills while volunteering at Nor Luyce.

Objective 1.1: Mentors will take part in 10, on-going group trainings on topics relating to problems they are currently facing with their mentees, situational analyses, etc. in order to enhance their mentoring skills during their volunteer service.

Objective 1.2: All mentors will actively participate (based on attendance, timeliness, and participation) in a mentor training course held by Nor Luyce prior to working with their mentee, related to topics such as childhood development, time management, order to increase their mentoring skills as measured by pre- and post- mentoring training evaluation forms.

Objective 1.3: By the end of mentoring service, mentors will increase knowledge by at least 20% of at least 5 professional development topics they have chosen at the beginning of their volunteer service through trainings such as resume writing, coaching, Program Design and Management, etc. as evaluated by pre- and post- survey evaluations.

Goal 2: During mentoring phase, each mentor will promote volunteerism and serve as a positive, active role model for their mentee(s).

Objective 2.1:  All mentors will participate in at least 1 service activity such as a community clean-up, library organization, etc. with their mentee during their time with Nor Luyce as monitored by the individual meetings coordinator.

Objective 2.2:  30% of mentors will work closely to provide at least 15 hours of academic assistance to their mentees and/or access to tutoring resources as monitored by a time sheet in the individual documents, completed by the mentors after each individual meeting.

Objective 2.3: Mentors will serve as a responsible role model by attending all meetings, being on time, and bringing prepared materials as monitored by time-sensitive attendance sheets, collected by the individual meeting coordinator.

Goal 3: During mentoring phase, mentors will work with their mentees to clarify their career aspiration(s).

Objective 3.1: All mentors must assist their mentees in creating a life map, outlining career goals and objectives through actionable steps during their individual meetings, by the end of Phase 1, as evaluated by the mentee’s completed life map.

Objective 3.2: 100% of mentors must facilitate a job shadowing day for their mentee based on their mentee’s desired profession by the end of phase 1 as monitored by the individual meeting coordinator.

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