Higher Education Phase

Phase Three: Scholarship Phase

Phase three provides all participants with scholarships to attain a higher education, along with financial management and planning trainings. The participants are aged 16-17 and have completed the previous two phases. Phase three seeks to ultimately prepare participants for financial independence and finding a job. Those participants entering college or university must apply to receive funds and will be sponsored by Nor Luyce after signing a contract outlining what is expected of them.

 Goal 1: During Phase 3, participants will gain a better understanding of financial planning, and computers.

Objective 1.1: All participants will attend 10 scholarship-phase group meetings held by Nor Luyce dealing with topics such as budgeting, debit cards, savings, etc. by the end of Phase 3.

Objective 1.2: All participants will complete a one-year budget report, using a realistic salary (commensurate with desired job).

Objective 1.3: All participants will take part in at least 9 computer classes held at Nor Luyce by the computer instructor and monitored by participation monitoring forms completed by Nor Luyce’s M&E staff member.

Goal 2: During Phase 3, participants will gain practical experience through volunteerism or internships to increase their career opportunities.

Objective 2.1: Each participant will participate in at least 5 volunteer projects during their time receiving scholarship funds such as helping with operational duties at Nor Luyce, holding presentations in other organizations, community clean-ups, etc. as recorded by the individual meetings coordinator.

Objective 2.2: Participants will organize at least one training based on skills they have acquired or help Nor Luyce for at least 5 hours with their respective trade in order to increase their experience relevant to their profession, as recorded by Nor Luyce staff.

Objective 2.3: At least 80% of participants will be linked with partner organizations through Nor Luyce’s vast network where they can complete meaningful volunteer work, internships and/or trainings, relevant with their trade.

Objective 2.4: All participants will give at least 2 presentations in Nor Luyce regarding information learned while attending university in order to gain practical experience in teaching about their field and applying their knowledge as measured by post-surveys.

3rd phase participants preparing their one-year budget,

3rd phase participants preparing their one-year budget,

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