Meet The Mentors


“Nor Luyce has given me the knowledge, experiences, and qualities for personal growth.”  




“This program is an essential part for the lives of adolescent girls because it addresses the importance of personal connections on self-development.” 




“Nor Luyce is one of the few places in the city where you feel valued.”



“Nor Luyce allowed me to gain new friends, experiences, knowledge, and opportunities while working as a team.”  




“At Nor Luyce, I have gained new skills and experiences that I can apply to my future as a counselor.”




“The mentoring program has helped me to identify my personal traits, strengths, and weakness, which has helped me to become a self-sufficient leaders for the mentees.” 




“This program not only helped me to gain experience but also to gain self-confidence and believe in my strength and knowledge.” 



” Nor Luyce has given me the opportunity to provide a safe space for my mentee to grow and learn about self-development.” 




Several years ago, when I joined Nor Luyce I was just a mentee. During all these years, thanks to Nor Luyce, I grew as a person. I gained a number of skills, knowledge and a big network. Nor Luyce helped me to get a college degree through providing Scholarships. Now, again thanks to Nor Luyce, I have the chance to be a mentor and share my knowledge with another mentee.






Being a former mentee at Nor Luyce, I was privileged to see the two sides of the program: first as a mentee, second as a mentor. While being a mentee, Nor Luyce provided me with a number of skills and with an opportunity to learn more about myself. It helped me to get a college degree and become a sustainable young woman who can mentor another teenager. As a mentor, I could work with an adolescent girl helping her to reveal her personality and have good self-esteem.




Nor Luyce played a unique role in my life. During these 8 months, I reveal a lot about myself. This is a great opportunity not only learn about myself but also about my mentee who I was helping a lot. This was the place, where I learnt to talk easily about myself, something that I have never done before. Nor Luyce has brought a new light to my life.








Nor Luyce allowed me to reveal myself, become good at communicating with teenagers and with my peers. This was the place where I could not only share my knowledge but also gain a lot during the trainings and workshops. Also, Nor Luyce provided me with a chance to know you: Nor Luyce staff!






Nor Luyce provided me with an opportunity to work with an adolescent girl, take the responsibility for providing them with skills nad knowledge, become the best role model from who they could learn. I feel proud to work with a teenage girl to become a self-reliant individual.








Nor Luyce provided me with an opportunity to have a better future. I gained a lot of good friends and a new family. Thanks to Nor Luyce I became self-reliant and mature. It helped me to stand firmly on my feet. I gained and practiced a lot of skills that helped me grow as a person. Thanks to Nor Luyce I could get a college degree, a certificate. As of now, I have a job in my specialty and feel so much empowered that I can conquer the world.








When I started to take part in the Nor Luyce program, I didn’t have that much of knowledge regarding mentoring. However, I don’t regret my choice. Nor Luyce provided me with the experience of working with adolescents and learn more about their psychology. It also allowed me to meet people who are worth being thanked for their hard work, and the most important people are the staff members of Nor Luyce.










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