Meet The Mentors


“Nor Luyce has given me the knowledge, experiences, and qualities for personal growth.”  




“This program is an essential part for the lives of adolescent girls because it addresses the importance of personal connections on self-development.” 




“Nor Luyce is one of the few places in the city where you feel valued.”



“Nor Luyce allowed me to gain new friends, experiences, knowledge, and opportunities while working as a team.”  




“At Nor Luyce, I have gained new skills and experiences that I can apply to my future as a counselor.”




“The mentoring program has helped me to identify my personal traits, strengths, and weakness, which has helped me to become a self-sufficient leaders for the mentees.” 




“This program not only helped me to gain experience but also to gain self-confidence and believe in my strength and knowledge.” 





” Nor Luyce has given me the opportunity to provide a safe space for my mentee to grow and learn about self-development.” 


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