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Computer classes for Creative Minds

pict_grid7 According to research, 46% of families in the Shirak region, where Gyumri is centrally located, are socially vulnerable families. Most of the families don’t have computers at home & can’t afford to send their children to real computer classes. At schools, the children don’t learn how to work with Microsoft Office or Photoshop. The free programs which provide free-of-charge computer classes for socially vulnerable individuals are not long enough for the children to gain any profound knowledge.


This project will provide 40 teenage girls from low-income families with computer classe. During the classes the girls will gain deep knowledge and practice in Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Paint, using the Internet & will have enough classes to practice all their new skills. They will also take part in computer job shadowing and will learn other important skills. The girls will also learn how to navigate safely in the internet, and how to use such skills to find a job.

Long-Term Impact

The teenage girls from orphanages & socially vulnerable families will: 1. have a better understanding of how computers function, 2. have an easier time getting into a computer college if she has already taken the basic computer classes 3. be able to use the computer as a tool to gain new skills 4. have an extra edge over others who don’t know how to work with computers 5. help them make themselves more valuable to potential employers. Read more.

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