“Thanks to Mentor I have become more industrious, optimistic, and learned much about self-development.” 


“Through this program, I have gained many friends and I’ve become more self-confident!” 


“Nor Luyce has helped me achieve many of my goals through great encouragement and advice by my mentor!” 


“With the help of individual meetings with my mentor, I have had the opportunity to overcome many of my fears and learn things about myself that I never recognized on my own!” 


When for the first time I entered Nor Luyce, I found myself in a very warm atmosphere, which I didn’t have before. There I found my looys, my warm looys, that I found in my new friends, in the staff of Nor Luyce. I am happy that I am part of Nor Luyce and the warm light of the sun that I got here will always accompany me in my life.


When I say Nor Luyce, I understand a big family. Being a part of Nor Luyce allowed me to gain self-confidence and believe in me. I found my ‘luyce’ (light) from the very first day when I gained a lot of good friends and the wonderful staff that is always there to support. My luyce was found when I got a new, small, and beautiful family where there are big love and warmth. I think I found my luyce because I gained the biggest thing in life: to go forward and never give up. I have a lot to say. However, I want to summarise saying Nor Luyce is one of the most important places, where my luyce is you and people who are a part of it ???



Nor Luyce allowed me to understand myself, put myself in the shoes of others, gain self-reliance as well as a number of close and unique friends. My new friends and the knowledge and skills gained from Nor Luyce have become the looys of my life.


It has been 3 years that I attend Nor Luyce. During these 3 years, I gained a lot of knowledge and a number of skills that allowed me to be compatible with my peers. Nor Luyce has become like a second home. It is very warm and cosey like my own home, and Nor Luyce staff and all the friends I gained here are kind, close and caring. There is always a warm atmosphere in Nor Luyce, all the meetings are interesting and full of new ideas, discussions, and pieces of advice.


Becoming a part of Nor Luyce I found a light, a small light that accompanies me in my hard and dark path. Thanks to that light I found out a lot of things that I wasn’t aware of before. That small light showed me how to trust people. That small light that I gained here helped me to gain self-awareness.

Thank you, Nor Luyce, for presenting me this small light.


Nor Luyce helped me to reveal myself, my strengths and weaknesses and strengths. I  learned computer skills with the help of Nor Luyce. Soon I will gain also skills in English language.

For my Nor Luyce is a new opening to my life.



Nor Luyce gave me a lot of friends, knowledge, and skills. With the help of Nor Luyce I revealed myself. Nor Luyce is a big story in my life that will never end.


I attend Nor Luyce center because with their help I have built build esthetic taste, subtle approach to culture and I master the art of socializing and communicating with people and as a result, my inner world was also enlightened.

Keep shining and bright up the souls of people, Nor Luyce NGO.



I was 16 years, when I entered Nor Luyce for the first time without knowing that it will change a lot in me. The skills, self-awareness and, of course, my good friends of Nor Luyce became my looys. The light that enlightens my dark path. Thank you for everything!


Nor Luyce NGO helps the adolescents to improve themselves, go forward and exercise the best behavior.

It helped me to gain a lot of knowledge, improve my skills, become self-reliant and hard-working.



Thanks to Nor Luyce I found myself, a lot of important people that are always next to me with any help they can offer.

Nor Luyce gave me a lot of new and good friends, a number of important skills, such as computer skills and professional skills.