Overall group meeting: Eileen Adamian

This week we have hosted American-Armenian Eileen Adamian.

The meeting was long awaited both for us and Eileen.
She came with great enthusiasm to meet our mentees and share with them her success story.
The meeting was interesting and inspired all of us.
Eileen brought wonderful presents for everyone. Among the presents there were also beautiful notebooks. Mentees decorated the front page of their notebook with the initials of their names. Our girls promised that every success and victory in their life, they would journal in their notebooks.
P.S. Dear Eileen, Nor Luyce’s team expresses their deepest gratitude for your care and support.

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Helping Skills Training

Our mentors and the future counselors continue improving their skills. Our trainer Nanor presented the second phase of the helping skills which was about insight, its goals and usage. The participants also had chance to practice the gained knowledge.

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Personal development within the group

Today’s topic of our counseling group meetings was about communication skills. Our counselor Nanor prese honted the girls different styles of communication after which the participants presented communication styles through role plays using no words.


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Mentoring meeting: Ability of solving problems

We are sure that all the problems have their own solutions. During the mentoring group meeting we challenged our problems and now we are heading to solve them.
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The Best Mentors of the last 6 months

Taking into consideration the criteria put together by the Nor Luyce team, we could separate the best volunteer mentors of the past 6 months: Qaghtsrik Greyan, Susanna Poghosyan, Liana Hambaryan, Diana Nikolyan, Mery Manukyan and Rima Hakobyan.
Dear mentors, we congratulate you and express our gratitude for your best work and dedication to our cause.
PS: We believe the rest of the mentors will prove that they can be the best ones too!¬†We appreciate everyone’s efforts and work!Nor Luyce NGO (1)

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