Who We Are



Nor Luyce believes in empowering teenage girls from orphanages and low-income families to build a community of strong, thoughtful, creative young women who are the future of Armenia.





Nor Luyce provides girls the means to become self-sufficient, healthy, globally aware young women, who have set personal and career goals and who have created an action plan of how to achieve them. Our program was developed to improve self-esteem, self-reliance, and a sense of community and then build on these skills and potential.



What We Do


Nor Luyce is a 3-phase mentoring program all lasting one year each; the Mentoring phase, Skill-Building phase, and Higher Education phase. In Armenian, Nor Luyce translates to “new light”, which refers to the new beginning of each girl after completing the 3-phases. 

Nor Luyce not only strives to build strong connections between mentors and mentees, but also works to build a community of strong, thoughtful, creative young women who are the future of Armenia. We encourage our participants to work hard and dream big, by arranging one-on-one mentoring meetings as well as group gatherings and skill building trainings where the girls learn through non-formal, hands-on education while having fun!

In late 2009, Ara and his father, Richard Chackerian, visited Armenia where Ara’s grandparents and family immigrated from. During that trip, the father and son were introduced to an orphanage, which was full of potential but lacking in resources. After visiting the center, Ara and Richard determined there was an unfulfilled need for mentoring with the local orphans. Having returned from their time abroad, the Chackerian’s came up with a business plan to solve the lack of accessibility in support systems, as well as educational resources for orphans. Because of this trip and from this business plan, Nor Luyce was born.

Nor Luyce, a mentoring program, was created to assist young women on their transition from being an orphan to a self-supporting adult. The organization has had a remarkable track record of success and continues to help transition adolescent females into constructive members of the community. Ara sits on the organization’s Board and has been the primary funding source for the program since its inception.

The Chackerian’s have a deep commitment to giving back. Over the last decade, they have founded and supported multiple non-profits focused on youth development and education. They currently have efforts in Armenia, Nicaragua and the United States.


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