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Executive Director


Shoghik Mikayelyan has been the Executive Director of Nor Luyce since 2009. She is a Gyumri native, with an advanced degree in psychology. In addition to Armenian, Shoghik speaks English, Spanish, and Russian. Shoghik has received her second MA in Counseling and Human Services as a Fulbright student in Lehigh university. In her spare time, she likes to play classical piano. 


HR Coordinator

Shushan Yeranosyan

49527123_1377667665705484_6348808180067205120_nIs a Gyumri native, Shushan has been with Nor Luyce Mentoring Center since 2018. She has a bachelor degree in linguistics and speaks Armenian, English, Russian, and German. In her spare time she writes articles about the city of Gyumri and other regions of Shirak. At Asparez club, she is an active civic and regional journalist. Beside Nor Luyce, she works at I-Link NGO with sister cities of Gyumri where she is also an HR coordinator. She has a lot                                             of goals and dreams for the future, but it is her main lifelong goal                                               to connect with her native city Gyumri because of all the beauty it                                               has to offer.

PR Manager

Arpi Hambaryan
At Shirak State University, Arpi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, which followed her life-long passion of becoming a journalist. Arpi is fluent in the languages of Armenian and Russian,as well as understand much of the English language. Before joining the staff here at Nor Luyce, Arpi started as a mentor for youth in our organization. Her success and passion for our                                                     mission led her to joining our team and providing her expertise as                                             our PR Manager. Her hobbies include singing and professional                                                   photography, with the hopes to see more women socialists in her                                               native city of Gyumri.


Group Meeting Coordinator

Tatev Baloyan
Tatev studied social work at Shirak State University and graduated in 2017. Since 2014, she had been volunteering for Nor Luyce in many different positions, as well as volunteering in many other organizations through Gyumri. Besides her current position as Group Coordinator at Nor Luyce Mentoring Center, she regularly gives back to her Gyumri community with social contributions. At                                             the “Byurakni Secondary School”, she is a social worker                                                                 advocating for changes.


Financial Manager

Rima Malxasyan
Rima is a 2011 graduate of Gyumri Medical College in the nursing department. Rima has been working full time at Nor Luyce as the Financial Manager. Additional to managing Nor Luyce’s finances, Rima also recruits and processes all new members into our programs. She believes in humility and equal rights for all people, as well as the freedom to act upon one’s own dream to success.

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