Do you remember our volunteer , Canadian – Armenian Talar Lori Hancherian? She is a volunteer of Birthright Armenia for the entire year of 2019. Talar has fallen in love with the city of Gyumri, including the people of this city so very much that she has already began her submissions of her birth documents to become a citizen of Armenia and be a native Gyumri citizen. This past Saturday Talar conducted a Mentoring training to the Mentors of Nor Luyce on the topics of Rape, Trauma and Traumatized children. Unfortunately many parents avoid talking about this psychological issue that children face, these are one of the many reasons that children become fearful leading to illnesses.
How can we share real life eye awakening stories that have effected young children and the trauma they face? Talar has been through trauma herself and shared her personal story with the rest of the staff and the mentors of Nor Luyce. She mentioned trauma prevention techniques, solutions of trauma and how to remain strong leading to self empowerment and personal successes.


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